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First and foremost, Thank you.

Love it, like it, indifferent, or hate it, I appreciate the time to listen. Today’s unrelenting assault of multimedia every which way you turn really takes a toll on one’s attention span, myself included, so the opportunity to have an audience for these sounds and musings is worth its weight in gold.

Those of you who are new around these parts won’t necessarily understand this next sentiment as others will, but bare with me here. I don’t have any sort of esoteric meaning for what “Be Brave, Gladiator” is about, all I can truthfully say is that it’s inception is part impulse and part appreciation. There’s a small few, during my subsequent absence from music who have continually checked for and encouraged new material as well sent their own appreciation for previous works of mine, so I wanted to express my gratitude with a free album. Not a mixtape, not a collection of album scraps, and nothing half hearted. I already had a different full length project already recorded (coming soon) before I decided to create this album, but I wanted my first new release to be free and something for you and me to kick off the new year. The album is entirely self produced except for one track by my incredibly talented friend The LMNtylst, you can expect a lot more work between us in the future. So here it is, a big huge thank you to everybody, old and new faces alike, I hope you dig it.

If I can though, the only thing I ask is that if you like it and feel it’s worth sharing then please send the link to someone you think may feel the same. Trying to spread the word. Stay tuned for new things, they are coming.



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